Religion is more about man than it is about God, 
  and that is the way God wants it to be. 
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Rabbi Ariel proudly welcomes to all peoples of all backgrounds who wish to learn about the Biblical Way and to live moral and decent lives as God fearing, righteous human beings.

KosherTorah is not just about Judaism. 
KosherTorah is not just about religion.
KosherTorah is not just about God.

KosherTorah is about us!
KosherTorah is about building bridges!
KosherTorah is about becoming a more decent human being!
KosherTorah is about common sense, simple living,
righteous behavior, and liberty and respect for all.

see also the KosherTorah Statement of 42 Principles

Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Ariel Bar Tzadok traveled abroad to Israel in 1979.  While there, he studied in some of the finest Sephardic yeshivot in Jerusalem, including Porat Yosef (Old City) under (the now notorious) Hakham Shalom Kohen.

While studying in Kollel Hekhal Pinhas in Jerusalem, Rabbi Ariel was blessed by Heaven to become the private student of the renowned kabbalist, Rebbe Meir Levi, obm, the foremost student of the leading kabbalist of Jerusalem, Rabbi Mordechai Sharabi obm.

In June 1983, Rabbi Ariel received his Rabbinic ordination (Haredi/Orthodox) from Rabbi Ya'akov Peretz, Rosh Yeshiva (Dean) of Kollel Hekhal Pinhas, and Rosh Yeshiva (Dean) of Beit Midrash Sephardi in the Old City of Jerusalem. To this day, Rabbi Ariel maintains a good relationship with his Rabbi of over 30 years.

Upon returning to the United States, Rabbi Ariel augmented his religious education with studies in Jungian psychology at the Jungian Center in New York. 

Rabbi Ariel also expanded his education to include the other religions of the world, esoteric studies and practices, philosophies and psychological systems.  Rabbi Ariel also explored the teachings of many occult systems and cults. 

After developing a working understanding of the realistic parameters of human consciousness, and how it touches both seen and unseen worlds, Rabbi Ariel began his career in Rabbinic/Life Coach pastoral counseling.

Rabbi Ariel is also a life long practitioner of Chinese martial arts.  Presently, he teaches a kabbalistic form of Chinese Qigong (Pillar of Fire), mixed Tai Qi Quan, C.Q.C., weight lifting exercises, and weight/diet management on a private one-on-one basis.  Following in the philosophy of the great Torah Sage, and physician, Maimonides, Rabbi Ariel believes that it is a foundation of all religious and spiritual life for one to have a healthy body, in order to house a healthy mind and soul, in order to properly serve Heaven.

After teaching privately for many years, Rabbi Ariel officially established Yeshivat Benei Nviim in 1992 to address the growing concerns of spiritual misguidance and misinformation that is pervasive in the Jewish community at large. Following in the footsteps of the great Sephardic Sages of the previous century, Rabbi Ariel began to use the teachings of Kabbalah, as a means to draw questioning souls back to a Torah way of life.  

While the Yeshiva and (1997) began as a Sephardic institute, placing emphasis on the Torah teachings of the great Sages of this community, this approach was found to be rather limiting.  Therefore, expanded to include the teachings of all schools of "kosher" Torah, regardless of their ethnic origins.  All Torah that is good, proper and true are welcome here.

After many years of mixed success, Rabbi Ariel withdrew from his position of supporting the public teachings of the Kabbalah.  He realized that while many people are drawn to the myth of mysticism, not that many were ready and willing to apply its teachings correctly, in the proper psychological manner that these teachings were originally meant. Many love to be entertained.  Few are willing to do the work.  Popular public Kabbalah studies have become a distraction to many, keeping them away from experiencing what the real Kabbalah was (and is) all about.

Authentic Kabblah is not a path of mystical philosophy, superstitious nonsense, or semi-occultic beliefs.  Biblical Kabbalah is the teachings of the Biblical prophets.  Their message has always been to draw souls back to a natural and simple way of life, as God has meant life to be.  The Biblical Prophets taught a meditative system which enables the practitioners to recognize and see the spiritual realities underlying everything in our physical world.   It is this instruction that Rabbi Ariel places in all that he teaches. 

Rabbi Ariel teaches what he calls, the "Torah trinity", this being:
* morals,
*proper character,

*righteous behavior.

These three sum up all authentic Kabbalah, and kosher Torah.  Without these one will never draw close to God or even come close to true religion.

There are many "Kabbalah" cults operating today, and Rabbi Ariel publicly speaks out to set the record straight by providing accurate and correct information about what is authentic, and what is not, authentic Kabbalah and Biblical mysticism.  Rabbi Ariel holds to the policy to critique ideas, beliefs and practices only, while never mentioning individuals or groups by name.

This is why our website was named "Kosher Torah," to serve as a source for practical and realistic Biblical teachings, that strip away the hype and cultish garments of so much today that passes itself off as authentic Torah Judaism.

Yeshivat Benei Nviim first published a journal of Rabbi Ariel's writings tilted, Panu Derekh (Prepare the Way).   This journal, while only in existence for a few years, gave way to what was planned to be its web presence, this being (established in 1997).  As times and technologies changed.  Panu Derekh went completely on-line, and ceased its printed format.  Most Panu Derekh essays are today found on

For over 20 years, has grown leaps and bounds and now consists of an entire on-line library of Rabbi Ariel's writings, audio lessons and videos. 

These have come to cover many topics, but are generally divided into four main topics:
* Bible Study,
* Judaism,
* Kabbalah,
* Prophetic Meditation Studies thus can meet the needs of an ever widening student body, with their many different backgrounds and interests.

Over the many years, while staying faithful and true to his Orthodox Torah origins, Rabbi Ariel has expanded to meet the needs of an ever widening audience.

Rabbi Ariel and KosherTorah do not tolerate any distinctions or prejudices based on race, religion, ethnicity, skin color, sex, or any such unbecoming classes of division.  Rabbi Ariel firmly holds by the motto, "united we stand, divided we fall."  All are welcome to

Rabbi  Ariel also does not shy away from commenting on relevant issues of social, political and spiritual importance that he believes are appropriate and necessary for Rabbis to address.

These include:
* UFOs and Aliens in Biblical and Judaic Teachings
The Occult and its Influences (Protection From Evil)

* Angels Among Us
* The Right and Responsibility to Bear Arms
The Importance of Martial Arts Training

One of Rabbi Ariel's areas of expertise is in the study of Eschatology (End Times) Studies.  He has written prolifically on this topic, incorporating classical apocalyptic material, with psychological insights.  He has also written a commentary to the Biblical Book of Daniel.

Rabbi Ariel is also the author of Walking in the Fire, a large compendium of Prophetic Torah meditative practices, including translations of ancient materials not available elsewhere in English.

Rabbi Ariel is also a novelist.  He is the author of The Book of the Angel Ariel, an Imaginative Spiritual Diary.

Over the years, Rabbi Ariel has been featured in numerous newspaper articles, radio talk shows and television interviews. He has spoken for university groups and lectures around the country.

He was also a guest on:
* NBC-TV's national prime-time series "Ancient Prophecies,"
* FOX-TV's "Millennium Prophecies," and other special programs aired on the * HISTORY CHANNEL, aside from
* History Channel's Ancient Aliens, Season #6

He presently hosts on-line classes and an open forum, internet radio style program.

In 2011, Rabbi Ariel fulfilled his life-long dream to move out of the congested urban areas and relocated to the Great Smoky Mountains in rural Eastern Tennessee.  Following in the footsteps of the ancients, he chose to be close to nature in order to draw closer to God. 

Rabbi Ariel encourages all who are of like-mind to consider relocating. 
Together, we can build a mighty community of like-minded souls.


In Honor and Memory of my Teachers

My Rabbi and my Teacher
Rabbi Ya'aqob Peretz, Shlita
Rosh Yeshiva, Kollel Heichal Pinhas
Rosh Yeshiva, Beit Midrash Sephardi

Rav Peretz inspires honesty and integrity in all his students.
I am honored to be counted as one of them...
His integrity is the inspiration for
You will hear his words through mine...

Hamlatza & Haskama

Please note, the above documents are historical authentications
of my relationship with Rabbis Peretz and Levi. 
Unlike false reports on the internet,
neither of these is (or claims to be) my diploma of ordination.

My Rabbi, my Teacher and my Friend
Rabbi Meir Levi, obm
One of the leading students of the head Kabbalist of Jerusalem
Rabbi Mordekhai Sharabi, obm.
We learned together privately, one on one, in the Heichal Pinchas kollel.

If there is any wisdom that I have gained in studying the Kabbalah;
it is due to Rebbe Meir obm.

May his memory be a blessing for us all.


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